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May 2018
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Hello, i am Sonia and i’m the owner of this fansite and http://alexandra-daddario.org/

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May 2018
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On Starz’ new series American Gods, the two most eye-popping and powerful female leads are both otherworldly and intensely human. Actress Yetide Badaki is cast as Bilquis, the ancient goddess of love who craves the meteoric highs of the worship she inspired in eras long ago. Emily Browning plays Laura Moon, the troubled wife of Shadow Moon.

Both women play roles that have elements of being adrift on Earth.

We spoke to Yetide and Emily about their compelling female roles and how they fit into Neil Gaiman’s master plan in American Gods:

M&C: Conversely, Emily, your character Laura Moon is so lacking of joy…even sleeping with Shadow [Ricky Whittle].

Emily Browning: Oh yes. I know. That was the biggest challenge for me [laughs] — imagining and trying to be depressed when I had Ricky in my bed. It’s kind of impossible! [laughing]

Yes, I think that Laura is…I mean, I think it was very important for the character and the audience to understand the character that we sort of went back and did a deeper dive into her history [episode four] and what she was like, not just before she died but even before she met Shadow.

I think she is really finding it difficult to exist in the world that doesn’t really make much sense to her.

I [also] think Laura has some social issues. She doesn’t really know how to connect with people and doesn’t have much awareness of other people’s feelings. I think she’s absolutely in a place that’s joyless. I don’t think she is necessarily sad, I think she just can’t feel as much. She doesn’t have any idea what she wants but she doesn’t want the life that she has. Then ironically after she dies, she realizes…I don’t want to call it her purpose because I am always cautious to not talk about Laura as though her purpose becomes to love her husband, because I have a few issues with that.

But I think she realizes that she had someone giving her this unconditional love and she completely didn’t appreciate that. There’s a conversation she had with Shadow where she explains to him that she doesn’t believe in anything.

Then when she dies and she meets Anubis and he says ‘since you believed in nothing you will go to nothing’, and then she sort of magically manages to escape her fate, she realizes that there is something more.

It’s love, which is really odd considering she is not a particularly loving or lovable person but she realizes that it was important — to have this love that she completely ignored. Which doesn’t necessarily make her a better person in any way.

I think as the season goes along if anything she becomes even more difficult to deal with, but she has a purpose now. And it makes it become more herself. Source

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Dec 2017
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Emily for Crescioni


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Jul 2017
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Emily attended the Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival on July 07. Enjoy!


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Jun 2017
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Hello everyone! Emily had a beautiful photoshoot for Rogue Magazine. Enjoy!