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06/28/2011  •  Posted By admin  •  Comments Off on Sleeping Beauty Opens Strong

Sleeping Beauty opens with $70,204 gross total at the box office, a rather good opening for Emily and the rest of the cast.


05/22/2011  •  Posted By admin  •  Comments Off on Sleeping Beauty Shocks Cannes

Emily Browning’s shocking thriller Sleeping Beauty has apparently woken up a few audience members at the Cannes film festival where it premiered last week. The erotic drama focuses on the sad and seedy world of Lucy played by Browning, 22, a college student who who is lured into a world of kinky prostitution, where she is drugged so that the men she sleeps with can live out their wildest fantasies while she is unconscious. Sounds sick? Well apparently, the audiences who were introduced to the film at Cannes thought so too.

Read the rest of the article at The Fan Carpet

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04/26/2011  •  Posted By admin  •  Comments Off on Sucker Punch production notes

It’s a PDF official file, taken from SP’s site, with cool info and details on the movie’s creation.
Click HERE to download it.


04/23/2011  •  Posted By admin  •  Comments Off on SP make-up artist comments about Babydoll

I’ve posted an short interview with Rosalina da Silva some time ago, where she talked a bit how she created the looks for Sucker Punch characters.
She recently posted to her site more details about the make-ups and all, which you can read HERE. Next, she will make a post about Blondie’s make-up, and probably the other girls will be featured later.
Also, there are some pics of Emily testing some of the possible looks she would use in the movie. You can see them below:

There’s also a BTS pic and a still:


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