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Apr 2011
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Apr 2011
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JULIA LEIGH had never been behind a camera before but that has not stopped her debut feature, Sleeping Beauty, being selected for competition at the Cannes Film Festival next month. Nor had the Sydney author made so much as a short film. ”No, nothing at all. No Tropfest,” said Leigh, who has won literary prizes and nominations for her novels, The Hunter and Disquiet. ”I had to prove to a

Apr 2011
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Larry Fong – The Man Behind the Camera of ‘Sucker Punch’ Neonpunch talks with the cinematographer behind our favorite movies. If you’ve seen Sucker Punch, Watchmen or 300 – then you’ve seen the incredible work of Larry Fong. As a cinematographer his job is to work with director’s like Zack Snyder and bring the vision to life. We were fortunate enough to get a chance to speak with the man

Apr 2011
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Julia Leigh unveils her debut feature “Sleeping Beauty” In Competition, while Ivan Sen will unspool his low budget digital film, Toomelah, in Un Certain Regard. SYDNEY — It doesn’t phase Australian novelist-turned filmmaker Julia Leigh that she’s up against more seasoned directors like Terrence Malick, Pedro Almodovar, Nanni Moretti and Lars Von Trier at this years Cannes Film Festival, after her debut feature Sleeping Beauty, was named overnight as one

Apr 2011
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Eltham is a long way away, and a world apart, from Los Angeles. No one knows that better than Emily Browning, the wide-eyed ingenue who divides her time between her home town and Hollywood. ‘‘It’s kind of a trip being in LA sometimes – you see people that have only ever been part of your world through television and movies,’’ Browning says. ‘‘But at the same time working with these