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Feb 2017
Emily Browning Online News, Site  •  By  •  Comments Off on New Layouts!

I have put up a new layout here at the main as well as a very simple one up on the gallery.  I hope everyone enjoys them! I wanted to go with something darker this time around.

Aug 2015
Emily Browning Online News  •  By  •  Comments Off on Emily Browning Online is Back with @freefansitehost

Unfortunately, fan-sites.org had to close their doors and that left us without a host and a domain name. I want to thank <a href=”http://freefansitehosting.com”>Free Fansite Host</a> for taking us in! Excuse any broken links, I’m in the process of moving several sites and will be updating this site soon with missing screencaptures and news. Make sure to change your bookmarks to the new url of emilyjbrowning.com!

Aug 2013
Emily Browning Online News  •  By  •  1 Comment

Hello Emily fans! I don’t know about you but I was very unhappy with the other layout that I slapped together. I thought it was hideous. So while I was browsing through free premade themes, I spotted this one which struck my fancy — with a few tweaks to my liking by adding a larger banner in the header we now have this pretty looking layout featuring images of Emily

May 2013
Emily Browning Online News  •  By  •  Comments Off on Open Hiatus

Just posting this here to let my visitors know that this site will be on an open hiatus. It is not abandoned, just on a straight hiatus. I don’t know when I will return, maybe perhaps in a few months. Gertie, if you see this, I requested a hiatus here so please do not delete this site due to no updates because I am very much interested in keeping this

Apr 2013
Emily Browning Online News  •  By  •  Comments Off on New (old) webmistress

Hello Emily fans! I don’t know if you remember me or not but I used to be the old previous owner after Mel of Emily Browning Online. Mette has gladly handed the site back to me, which I really appreciate it very much. I will be working behind the scenes a bit — as in giving EBO a new look plus fix some of the broken media links so please