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April is our birthday month, and this year, NYLON turns twelve. So we figured we should celebrate a milestone with another milestone – for the first time ever, NYLON releases five separate covers for the issue.

They star the cast of Sucker Punch, a spirited group of Bright Young Fiends who slashed and scorched their way through the adventure movie to become Hollywood’s latest It Girls. (In alphabetical order, they are Emily Browning, 22; Jamie Chung, 28; Abbie Cornish, 28; Vanessa Hudgens, 22; and Jena Malone, 26.)

Luke Crisell and Natalie Shukur joined the starlet’s coven in Los Angeles, and asked them about this very special movie…

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We finally got (apparently) all the scans from Nylon Magazine.
The pages are all out of order, sorry. Some of them don’t have the number in it, so it’s confusing to know the exact order.
But they’re in good resolution enough to be read.


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With many thanks to Kathryn, I’ve added scans from Vogue to the gallery. Emily looks stunning and the article is well worth a read.

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Thanks to The Stylist Site we have yet another preview image of Emily from the vogue issue for April 2011. If anyone gets the magazine, I would love scans from it! The picture session is called “Bird of Youth” and the image below is gorgeous!

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