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Here’s a few behind the scenes videos of Emily from Sucker Punch, watch her fight a rubber dragon!

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I’ve been working for a few days, gathering as many images as I could find of Emily from the premiere, photocall and parties at Cannes Film Festival and have added them to the gallery. There’s close to 275 images from the event with many more to be unearthed I’m sure!

Events & Appearances > 2011 > IFP and Calvin Klein’s Tribute to “Woman of Cannes”
Events & Appearances > 2011 > “Sleeping Beauty” photocall at 64th Cannes Film Festival
Events & Appearances > 2011 > “Sleeping Beauty” premiere at 64th Cannes Film Festival

After the jump you can also view videos and interviews from the red carpet, press conference and even a small featurette of the film to give you a taste of what to expect. Some are in French with no subtitles, but you at least get to see her.
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Tuesday (Apr 26) at 9:30 PM on MTV
Ruby chats to Abbie Cornish and Emily Browning on MTV Style

If anyone happens to know any online link to that and/or can record it, please share!

Info thanks to Ruby Rose Fans

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