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05/01/2017  •  Posted By admin  •  Comments Off on American Gods Pilot Episode Captures

Emily was only in the episode briefly this week, but I have added captures of her to the gallery.

0003.jpg 0009.jpg 0001.jpg 0014.jpg

Gallery Link:

07/21/2016  •  Posted By admin  •  Comments Off on American Gods – Firts Still

Hello everyone! I added to the gallery first still of the TV Series “American Gods“. Big thanks to the¬†Entertainment Weekly¬†for that picture!!

Gallery Links:

Photoshoots > Film & TV Productions > American Gods (2017) > Stills

07/25/2011  •  Posted By admin  •  Comments Off on Thunderstone Captures & Sucker Punch Readded

I’ve replaced the captures of Sucker Punch with ones from the extended cut thanks to Jen and have added captures of various Thunderstone episodes to the gallery thanks to Marie. They are not dvd quality, but the show is not on dvd and it’s very hard to find, so thank you Marie for taking the time to cap and donate them!

Television > Thunderstone > Various Screencaptures

04/21/2011  •  Posted By admin  •  Comments Off on Emily and Abbie interview with Ruby Rose

Tuesday (Apr 26) at 9:30 PM on MTV
Ruby chats to Abbie Cornish and Emily Browning on MTV Style

If anyone happens to know any online link to that and/or can record it, please share!

Info thanks to Ruby Rose Fans

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