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Jun 2011
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Jun 2011
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I’ve added one missing Emily event to the gallery and some more images to the IFP and Calvin Klein’s Tribute to “Woman of Cannes” album as well. I’m going to be slow for the next week or two due to work and the fact my entire external hard drive crashed.

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Jun 2011
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In a recent interview, Emily talked about Sleeping Beauty, Twilight and her thoughts on Sleeping Beauty. Below is a excerpt with a link to read the entire article.

Sleeping Beauty was an early must-see at the film festival, where it was one of just 20 films chosen to compete for the Palme d’Or. Leigh, an established novelist but first-time filmmaker, tells the story of Lucy, a Sydney student who finds a seductively lucrative job as a silver-service waitress at a plush country-house bordello.
The young women who work there serve food dressed in fetish underwear, then spend the port-and-cigars slot draped over their ageing but lustily aspiring patrons.

It’s all about the money, of course: $250 an hour, with a possibility of promotion.
Read the rest of the article at The Syndney Morning Herald

May 2011
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Emily Browning’s shocking thriller Sleeping Beauty has apparently woken up a few audience members at the Cannes film festival where it premiered last week. The erotic drama focuses on the sad and seedy world of Lucy played by Browning, 22, a college student who who is lured into a world of kinky prostitution, where she is drugged so that the men she sleeps with can live out their wildest fantasies while she is unconscious. Sounds sick? Well apparently, the audiences who were introduced to the film at Cannes thought so too.

Read the rest of the article at The Fan Carpet

May 2011
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Sucker Punch has been announced for a June 28, 2011.

Will we see any of that behind-the-scenes footage on the DVD?

“Yeah, sure,” he said. “I think there is coverage of that.”

Regarding what else will appear on the home-video-viewing versions of the film, Snyder teased that there will be a lot of action.

“There is about 18 minutes in the Blu-ray that is mostly action, because the MPAA was not … [there was] a little too much action,” he said, adding that taking the film from an R-rating to PG-13 was also a challenge.

“I would say that the very things that they [the MPAA] didn’t like were the very things that you needed to see in order for you to understand the content of the scene,” he said. “To know how to feel about it, because otherwise you’re sort of left in this weird middle ground,” he said. “So it’s difficult. It’s tricky.”


You can preorder the dvd at Amazon for the regular dvd or the blu-ray dvd.