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Last week Roadshowfilms asked everyone to submit a question for Sucker Punch stars, Abbie Cornish and Emily Browning. Well after the Sucker Punch AU premiere on Sunday, our friends from Roadshow interviewed both the Aussie stars with some of the best submitted questions, and the first question is from us.


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With an overwhelming response from both music and film fans, the soundtrack Rolling Stone raves “brings back the event soundtrack” and Artist Direct hails as “not only one of the best soundtracks this year, it’s also bound to be remembered as a classic” is now the #1 Soundtrack in America!


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who: Emily Browning
wore: Altuzarra
where: Sucker Punch premiere
when: March 30, 2011


04/07/2011  •  Posted By admin  •  Comments Off on [Off] We’re NOT Emily!

You guys, I felt the need to make a post about it, in a last desperate try to make people understand.

People keep sending us comments here and replies on Twitter talking like we were Emily. Once for all, we are NOT Emily and we have NO contact with her AT ALL either, not even through the internet or whatever.
Really, just for your information, we’re not even sure if she has social networks’ accounts, which, by the way, is something people ask a lot about. Even if she does, I’m pretty sure it’s all disguised, blocked and she doesn’t add unknown people, Emily is done with stalkers. So I don’t think it’s worth it to keep looking for and I don’t believe in any open profiles around claiming to be her, cause I don’t think she would do me they’re all fake. But it’s just my opinion, we never know. Anyways, about this subject, let’s just leave her alone, she deserves some privacy. So please, if you get to find real accounts (if there’s any)/personal stuff of hers, don’t annoy her and don’t spread it everywhere. Emily’s already made it pretty clear how it makes her upset, and things like that will only make her dislike her fans.

We also don’t even have any contact with her friends, family, businessman, or whoever else. This site does NOT belong to her and we’re not even sure if she knows much about it. It’s from fans to fans, ONLY.

So please, don’t waste your time writing tons of stuff for us, cause I don’t really even think Emily visits this website (or any other about her), SO she’s not gonna see your comments. Sad but true, sorry if I’m breaking somebody’s dreams here. lol But we gotta keep it real, right?!

I don’t mean to be rude or offend anyone with this, it’s just I wanted to make things clear once for all, though we’ve always let it pretty clear in our sites’ information. So, I hope now people can stop wasting their time sending things thinking we are Emily, it’s annoying.

Now, back to the regular program. =)

04/05/2011  •  Posted By admin  •  Comments Off on Ruby Rose interview with Emily and Abbie Cornish

Apparently Ruby Rose did an interview with Emily and Abbie during they stay around Australia, that’s all the information I have by now.
Hopefully I’ll find out more details about it soon, maybe some video or stuff, then I’ll post it.

Probably one of my fave interviews of the year with Abbie Cornish and Emily Browning..they are too funny.


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