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09/21/2010  •  Posted By admin  •  Comments Off on Legend of the Guardians Premiere

Hi guys! Finally some Em photos! Isn’t this exciting? Emily recently attended the new animation flick premiere Legend of the Guardians in Hollywood. Also she attended 2 other events too in early Sept an I have added them to the gallery as well. Enjoy!

Legend of the Guardians Premiere x58

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week x6

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out x7

07/31/2010  •  Posted By admin  •  Comments Off on Navy Seals hired knock Suck Punch Girls into shape

NAVY SEALs were hired to knock Abbie Cornish, fellow Australian actress Emily Browning, and High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens into shape for the all-girl action fantasy Sucker Punch.

Cornish, last seen playing a porcelain-skinned poet’s muse in the 19th-century romance Bright Star, says transforming herself into a gal who could kick butt credibly took some serious working out.

“We did three months of training in the lead-up to shooting. I felt amazing … we were doing three hours of martial arts training, an hour and a half with personal trainers, and then gun work.

“I got to learn about all these different guns, how to handle them and fire them. I’ve never prepped for a film like that. It was a whole new experience.”

Directed by Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen, Legends of the Guardian), Sucker Punch is the story of five girls confined to a psych ward in the 1960s, who escape into different worlds and realities. It also stars Jamie Chung, Jena Malone and Scott Glenn.

“We probably, at the beginning, all felt like, oh my God, we don’t look like fighters,” Browning told a Comic-Con panel in San Diego this week.

“We’re kind of all little girls. We trained our a—s off – we worked really hard.”

But after being put through their paces by Navy SEALs six hours a day for three months, “we got strong”.

07/27/2010  •  Posted By admin  •  Comments Off on Sucker Punch HD Trailer

Here below is the first trailer of Em’s new movie Sucker Punch. I will also be adding more pics to the gallery of Em attending Comic Con & Sucker Punch artwork later today since its later. 😉

07/15/2010  •  Posted By admin  •  Comments Off on Entertainment Weekly Scans

Hey guys! Finally some Em updates!! About time right? Emily alongside her cast mates of Sucker Punch were featured in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. Check out what Em’s character looks look! Em is so gonna kick some ass in this movie. 😀 If posted outside of EBO, please credit since it was scanned specifically for us by

Entertainment Weekly x2

06/10/2010  •  Posted By admin  •  Comments Off on EBO Forum is up

Just a little post to let you guys know that the Forum is back up in running. I couldn’t find the databases, so I had to create new ones. So feel free to join and post to your little hearts desire.

Join the Forum
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