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Nov 2010
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Just this week, Warner Bros. released the official plot synopsis for director Zack Snyder’s “Sucker Punch,” and the online outlets lucky enough to visit the film’s set last year were released from embargo to share their experience. So it only makes sense that a kick-ass, full-length trailer has now hit the Interwebs. If you have any knowledge of the film’s premise, the trailer definitely fleshes out some of the elements of the plot we’ve learned this week… but even if you know squat about the movie, this bad boy will knock your socks off.

There’s definitely much more exposition in this trailer than this summer’s teaser. We see Baby Doll (Emily Browning) lose everyone she loves and get tossed into a mental institution for murdering the man she blames.

There she meets up with her fellow inmates: Rocket (Jena Malone), Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens), Amber (Jamie Chung, recently cast in “The Hangover 2”) and Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish), and tries to convince them to help her break out. Plus, the trailer sort of explains why there are zombie Nazis, dragons and samurai.

Apparently, at some point the line becomes blurred between the actual reality of the mental institution and what Baby Doll comes to perceive as a brothel. Perhaps it is some coping mechanism, but she begins to see herself and her friends as being prostitutes instead of committed girls — which probably adds to the motivation to escape.

On top of that, through dance routines that are hinted at in the trailer and are led by fan favorite (and “Sucker Punch” baddie) Carla Gugino as Madam Gorski (yep, she rocks a Russian accent), Baby Doll leads her friends into alternate realities that will help them escape. This is where the exciting stuff starts happening, and “Sucker Punch” basically becomes the first video game flick not based on previous material. See, each different reality is a “level” of sorts, and the girls need to beat the boss at the end — cue dragon, giant samurai, evil robots, etc. — to win an item. These five items — a map, fire, a knife, a key and one that’s a mystery (maybe a Dum-Dum pop with the question mark on it?) — are the integral elements to the girls’ escape.

And how could we not address how gorgeous the film looks. While Zack Snyder’s grasp on storytelling has not always been his strong suit, he is definitely an expert at creating unique visuals unlike anything seen before (except, of course, in his own films). If “Sucker Punch” manages to entwine an intricate, unique story with amazing visuals like it looks like it’s primed to do, then I personally have a lot more faith in Snyder’s “Superman” reboot.

Nov 2010
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As hard as it is to believe, it’s been roughly 11 months since ComingSoon.net was invited to the Vancouver set of Zack Snyder’s upcoming movie Sucker Punch, his first movie based on one of his own original concepts. It could very well be seen as the counterpoint to his earlier hit 300, a way of changing gears after making so many manly-men movies to do one that’s primarily focused on female characters. From our time spent on set, it clearly was a chance for Snyder to wear his influences on his sleeve without having to feel cornered by “original source material” as has been the case with his previous four films.

Normally, you might see actresses like Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone and Emily Browning dressed in frilly period dresses, but last December, we watched the three of them leaping out of a helicopter wearing skimpy lingerie and leather, armed to the teeth, doing the same jump onto a green-screen mat below them over and over. Flying the helicopter–it wasn’t going too far since it was also mounted on a green-screen block–was the lovely Jamie Chung (Sorority Row), who casually mentioned in an interview something about wearing “assless chaps.” Some of the fortunate journalists found out that day that she wasn’t kidding or exaggerating either! The fifth part of this equation is Vanessa Hudgens, who had already wrapped filming a movie that will help her break further away from her “High School Musical” good-girl image by playing Blondie.

Much of the film revolves around Browning’s character Babydoll, who is committed to the Lennox House for the Criminally Insane by her father. In order to cope with her ordeal, her mind escapes into another world where the mental institution is a brothel where all the girls dance in order to entice the male clientele. The other four young actresses play the other girls in the institution/brothel with Babydoll, Cornish and Malone forming the symbiotic duo of Sweet Pea and Rocket, Hudgens playing Blondie and Jaime Chung as Amber.

The rest of the cast includes Carla Gugino, back for more after Watchmen, playing Vera Gorski, the strict madam of that gospel, and Scott Glenn as someone called Wiseman. Jon Hamm appears as a high-roller client of the brothel who has paid a lot of money to take Babydoll’s virginity, but that’s Jon Hamm for ya!

In order to escape from the heavily-guarded brothel, Babydoll and the girls must retrieve four magical items each in a different dimension, including a snow-covered land with a Japanese samurai flavor, one that resembles the trenches of World War I complete with bi-planes, Orc World, a sword-and-sorcery world combining Excalibur and The Lord of the Rings, and a futuristic world influenced by Manga and Anime in which the girls need to jump out of that helicopter onto a speeding bullet train in order to face a slew of robots.

Oh, and did we mention that Sucker Punch is a musical, too? Snyder’s influences stretched as far as Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge!, something you could tell from the abundance of red in the fantasy brothel scenes and his decision to bring Marius De Vries on board to work on some of the songs that the girls perform. During our visit, we got to watch one such dance number performed by Hudgens, which was quite a startling contrast to more footage we saw of her shooting her way through a trench full of German soldiers wearing gas masks.

During the visit, we got to see a lot of the concept art Snyder had put together to create the different worlds using a combination of the distinctive CG backgrounds from 300 and more practical sets. We got to see some of those sets including the lavishly-adorned theater (also clearly influenced by Baz Luhrmann) in which the girls perform, some of the equally elaborate brothel rooms including the High Roller Suite, as well as the early stages of the bullet train on which Snyder planned on shooting an amazing bit of action choreography which would require a great deal of planning and coordinating. We were shown some behind-the-scenes footage of what went into planning one of those amazing fight sequences, as well as the dozens of costumes the actresses would be wearing, each one related to the world they’re in.

Snyder is shooting for a PG-13 rating with Sucker Punch, which may seem impossible considering how much of the movie takes place in a brothel and involves fantasy sequences of women in skimpy outfits beating people up, but that was the plan and we have this feeling he’ll find a way to make it work.

Sucker Punch opens on March 25, 2011 and stay tuned for more from the set soon. Look for the new trailer for the movie at 5PM Pacific Time tonight.

– comingsoon.net

Sep 2010
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Hi guys! Finally some Em photos! Isn’t this exciting? Emily recently attended the new animation flick premiere Legend of the Guardians in Hollywood. Also she attended 2 other events too in early Sept an I have added them to the gallery as well. Enjoy!

Legend of the Guardians Premiere x58

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week x6

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out x7

Jul 2010
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NAVY SEALs were hired to knock Abbie Cornish, fellow Australian actress Emily Browning, and High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens into shape for the all-girl action fantasy Sucker Punch.

Cornish, last seen playing a porcelain-skinned poet’s muse in the 19th-century romance Bright Star, says transforming herself into a gal who could kick butt credibly took some serious working out.

“We did three months of training in the lead-up to shooting. I felt amazing … we were doing three hours of martial arts training, an hour and a half with personal trainers, and then gun work.

“I got to learn about all these different guns, how to handle them and fire them. I’ve never prepped for a film like that. It was a whole new experience.”

Directed by Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen, Legends of the Guardian), Sucker Punch is the story of five girls confined to a psych ward in the 1960s, who escape into different worlds and realities. It also stars Jamie Chung, Jena Malone and Scott Glenn.

“We probably, at the beginning, all felt like, oh my God, we don’t look like fighters,” Browning told a Comic-Con panel in San Diego this week.

“We’re kind of all little girls. We trained our a—s off – we worked really hard.”

But after being put through their paces by Navy SEALs six hours a day for three months, “we got strong”.

Jul 2010
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Here below is the first trailer of Em’s new movie Sucker Punch. I will also be adding more pics to the gallery of Em attending Comic Con & Sucker Punch artwork later today since its later. 😉