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11/24/2013  •  Posted By Deea&Gabrielle  •  Comments Off on New owners!

Hello everyone! We’re Deea&Gabrielle and we’re the new owners here at! Thank you so much to the magnificent Gertie that allowed us to adopt this site! We’ve been waiting years for this site to be available and we can’t believe it happened! We’ will take care very good care of it! We will have new layouts for the main site & Gallery and we’ll work a lot on the Gallery and add everything that’s missing! Stay tuned!

11/01/2013  •  Posted By Kimberly  •  Comments Off on Plush DVD Captures

I have added 1044 dvd captures of Emily from Plush. Hope you like them. I couldn’t find a decent 720p download so regular dvd quality will have to do.

Gallery Links:
Film & TV Productions > Plush (2013) > DVD Captures

08/30/2013  •  Posted By Kimberly  •  0 Comment(s)

Hello Emily fans! I don’t know about you but I was very unhappy with the other layout that I slapped together. I thought it was hideous. So while I was browsing through free premade themes, I spotted this one which struck my fancy — with a few tweaks to my liking by adding a larger banner in the header we now have this pretty looking layout featuring images of Emily from Plush. I hope you like it and that it is viewable in your browser / monitor.

08/25/2013  •  Posted By Kimberly  •  Comments Off on Plush Stills

The official site of Plush has released the official stills of the movie — which Emily is featured in 9 of them. What do you think of her look and the movie?

Gallery Links:
Film & TV Productions > Plush (2013) > Production Stills

07/13/2013  •  Posted By Kimberly  •  Comments Off on The Host HQ DVD Captures

Thanks to, Emily Browning Online now has 69 HQ 1080p bluray captures of Emily’s part on the 2013 film, The Host. Her part was really really small so that’s why there isn’t many captures.

Gallery Links:
Film & TV Productions > The Host (2013) > HQ DVD Captures

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